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Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in Offshore Accidents | 0 comments

Offshore Accident at Point Pleasant

In late May, tragedy struck Point Pleasant, NJ as contestants were preparing for the Jersey Shore Grand Prix. During one of the preliminary events, two boats crashed, leaving one dead and two severely injured.

The crash occurred as two boats took the first turn of the course. One boat, dubbed the “Repeat Offender” by owner James Byrne, crossed directly in front of another boat, causing the two to collide. The other boat, operated by brothers Peter and Richard Smith, passed over the top of Byrne’s boat, crushing him beneath. Both brothers were ejected into the water as their vessel later sank, but both refused medical treatment immediately after the incident.

The crash was afterwards investigated by authorities in Ocean County, who now say that they won’t file criminal charges against the two surviving boaters. They do, however, plan to continue their investigation of the collision to prevent similar catastrophes in the future. The “Repeat Offender” will be inspected by mechanics to determine whether any malfunctions occurred, but experts observe that the crash was likely unrelated to technical malfunctions. When combined, speed and choppy waves can create dangerous conditions that make vehicles difficult to control.

Though charges weren’t filed in this instance, the Houston offshore accidents attorneys at Williams Kherkher explain that victims can often claim compensation for injuries sustained on the water. Thanks to the Jones Act of 1920, “qualified sailors” who have been involved in accidents or become sick while performing their duties are eligible to recover compensation from their employers. If you have been injured on the water, it’s important to contact an offshore accident lawyer, who can tell you whether your case falls within the bounds of the Jones Act.

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